Vice President of Business Affairs

Allison Evans, Vice President of Business Affairs                                             

Our Vice President of Business Affairs is a member of CK Talents senior management team and brings an extensive background in talent management, legal and business relations to the CK Group. Our Vice President has been a Senior Editor at a Major Fashion Magazine as well as worked as Vice President for several major hollywood studios and Fortune 500 Companies, where she was legal counsel to them. She has a legal, banking and finance background and manages a staff of professionals from the financial and legal industry at CK. Ms. Evans has attended law school and has a masters in business administration. 

Allison manages the CK Business affairs department where she helps our talent create, manage their business opportunities. She and her team focuses on helping our talent manage their financial future for them and their families. Allison's team comprises of Financial Analysts, Financial Planners, Lawyers, Accountants, Bankers and Mortgage Professionals etc. In addition to the above she manages CK's in-house Counsel's Office and Finance Departments.

Work at CK

Our Vice President of Business Affairs manages our talent's financial, legal and contractual obligations regarding their careers. Our Business Affairs office works with our Talent to meet their financial goals whatever they may be. The business affairs offers help and suggestions from those in the finance industry who know what they are doing. This office is a benefit to our talent who want a fiscal strategy that works for them individually. CK offers this service free of charge to our  talent, in order for them to plan a financially stable future. 

"I came to CK from a large Fortune 500 company because I missed working directly with those who would be affected by my help. CK has given me the opportunity to truly transform the lives of our talent, fufilling the passion I was missing in my former coporate life." - Allsion Evans,  Vice President of Business Affairs