Director of Talent Fitness and Nutrition Services

Alexis Lott, Director of Talent Fitness and Health Services                                               

Our Director of Talent Fitness and Health Services runs CK's in house Talent Health and Wellness Department and CKFIT Club our public members only health and fitness club. She  is a United States Navy Veteran, who served her country for seven years where she perfected her fitness and wellness expertise. Our Talent Fitness and Health services Director has a vast health services background which she gained while in the US Navy. She is currently pursuing a career as a fitness professional with the American Council on Exercise. Combining her military background with fitness and health has been her passion. She now brings this experience to CK Talent Management. Where she will work with our signed talent to provide them with customized nutrition plans, personal weight training plans and stylist advice for their appearances.

Fitness Experience

Much of her military background was focused on physical fitness and readiness. While enlisted she completed many challenging physical fitness programs both with the Navy and the Marine Corps. After completing her military service she earned a BA  in Criminal Justice and began a career as a law enforcement officer with the Department of Defense.

After she left the military was when she realized how important physical health was to a health lifestyle and though already in shape she began getting herself into better physical shape. She started creating and accomplishing goals she set for herself, healthy and physically fit by accomplishing realistic goals. Her hard work began to be noticed by her peers and she was asked to help several people reach the same goals she has set out for herself. It was after this I realized this is what I wanted to do on a professional level and develop personalized fitness and nutrition plans for my clients. Which now she brings to CK to help develop our talent to be the best inside and out in the industry.

Nutrition Experience

Her experience in healthy living doesn’t just stop at the gym door with our signed talent, she has a passion for cooking and creating, not only great tasting food but healthy, nutritional food in a creative way. At home she has two toddler boys, so she didn’t have much of a choice but to get a little imaginative in the kitchen. This was the start of her healthy nutrition plans which she uses to help our talent succeed in their fields. She felt if I can get my fussy toddler boys to eat the healthy concoctions that she was making then she could get CK's Talent to eat them as well.

As a fitness professional with extensive knowledge and an innovated approach to nutrition she believes she can provide CK‘s Talent with the appropriate tools to help them reach their fitness goals and grow into the healthiest version of themselves personally and professionally. 

Work at CK Talent Management

She provides an extensive knowledge base in fitness and health to the CK Group. She creates an individualized customized fitness and nutrition programs for our signed talent. She personally manages this program for our signed talent so that they have customized programs that help them meet their professional goals. She meets with each of our talent to make sure their health goals are realistic and continues to meet with them every step of the way to make sure they continue to meet their goals under the program. She will tweak the program as the needs of our talent changes throughout their career. She works with and reports to CK's Director of Athlete Performance and supervises CK's in-house healthcare professionals, nutritionists and personal trainers.  

“I joined the CK Team because of its drive to do whats right by its clients and to provide my knowledge and experience to the many talented individuals CK represents.”  - Alexis Lott, Director of Talent Fitness and Health Services