Technology has reshaped how our art is created and shared, and CK understands that this shifting landscape requires experience and expertise to guide both talent and clients through it. Everything is connected and flows through our digital world everyday. To stand out, you have to crest many different waves and be visible among multifaceted and diverse signals. CK can help you do that.

Dean Arney heads CK Multimedia; he has almost 20 years experience working with various forms of production. He brings a wealth of experience in music performance and production as well as screenwriting, storytelling, directing, cinematography, and an intuitive hand with the emerging fields of new media and the specific technical requirements and nuances each new outlet needs to be successful.

CK Multimedia from time to time will partner with ckstudios; together their capabilities will range from shooting music videos, commercials, Podcasts, and a host of other audio/visual solutions. Additionally, mastering music for release or punching up a script for film or TV is easily accomplished through CK Multimedia.

Talent, Directors, Producers, Musicians, Recording Artists, Actors, can all benefit from the experience and expertise CK Multimedia has to offer.

If you need to stand out in the new landscape, CK Multimedia can help you do that. Contact CK Multimedia directly here.