Managing Partner

Craig Rogalski, Managing Partner                                                                                                                       

Our Managing Partner has a varied background in the Entertainment industry; his peers elected him as the State Representative for Entertainment Industry for Florida. Where he represented the entertainment industry's interest and membership in the state. The associations membership included distinguished members like Universal Studios and Disney. He was the highest-ranking official representing the entertainment industry in Florida. While State Representative he spearheaded initiatives, which included passing local ordinances governing the licensing and permitting of traveling amusements.

In addition to the above during his ten-year as State Representative he worked with Ninja JumpDC ComicsDisneyWarner Bros.Marvel Comics and US Customs on trademark infringement, this collaboration resulted in the first time seizure of millions of dollars of rides that were being imported from china with trademark infringement characters from the various studios. Disney had such confidence in him that they issued him a special permit, which allowed him to bring his company’s amusement rides on Disney’s property and charge for the usage of them.  Mr. Rogalski, founded the first professional paintball team in the United States, where he signed the team members to the first professional athlete contracts in the industry. He is routinely sought after to negotiate contracts and provide dispute resolution on highly complex matters both inside and outside the industry.

He is currently a member of the Board of Directors and part owner of where he oversees the company’s studio relations and legal departments. In his capacity at he was instrumental in getting both the company's iphone app and iwatch app ranked by the US and UK GQ Magazines as one of the top 5  entertainment apps in the world. 


He attended Pennsylvania State University School of Law where he had a great mentor in Law School who was the Chief Counsel for Boeing. This mentor took him under his wing and taught him the art of Contract Law and Negotiations. Mr. Rogalski also clerked for several Judges and is a member of the American Judges Association. He also worked for one top immigration attorneys in the US where he worked on the Rock Band Lynard Skynard, Gymnast Nadia Elena Comăneci and the Harlem Globetrotters Immigration matters.  Applying this to the entertainment industry he has negotiated exclusive contracts that include but not limited to World Gym, the American Red CrossCherrydale FarmsDisney, and Sony Pictures etc.

In addition to the above, he attended Canisius College's MBA program where he excelled in business marketing, negotiations and finance.  While there his professors consistently ranked him in the top 10% of all students they have taught during their tenure at the college. Mr. Rogalski applies these skills in his representation of CK's talent and management of CK's Staff.  He has successfully negotiated contracts between sports teams and athletes, talent and studios and athletes and professional athletic associations.

In the 90’s, he was asked to co-authored the NCAA compliance manual, which is currently in use in all NCAA school in the US. He as worked in the area of sports since the mid-nineties and currently represents several athletes and Olympic athletes and hopefuls. 

 He has received a Silver Status leadership award from the US Government Contractors Association for his leadership on government related projects. He is one of two foreign certified negotiators approved by the Russian Law Society to practice in Russia. In addition to this he is a certified in dispute resolution in the EU and UK. He currently holds several certifications in financial fraud investigations and has several certification in international negotiations from the United States Institute of Peace. 


In 2005 Mr. Rogalski was invited by former US Ambassador Phillip Lader to join the Renaissance Group, whose membership include Noble Laureates, Former Prime Ministers, US Presidents, Fortune 500 CEO's, Diplomats etc. Membership to this distinguish group is by invitation only.  He was a public supporter of the first female Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, where he was formally recognized for his successful efforts by her once she was sworn into office.

He worked with theproducers of  Jack Hammer the movie starring Johnny Knoxville and Pamela Anderson to help them market the movie. During Oscar season he is invited by the Oscar Committee to walk the red carpet and meet with different media outlets. He  attends pre-Oscar events and currently holds press credentials for the Motion Picture Association of America and the Academy of Motion Picture Sciences.  

He is a member of the North American Association of Sports Management and the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation. In addition to the above, in 2012 he was made a member of  (DACOR) Diplomats and Consular Affairs Officers Retired, the association dates back to 1907. Members of DACOR include US Ambassadors, Supreme Court Justices, Former National Security Agency Directors, Former Federal Reserve Chairman, etc.  

He has served under four US Secretary of State's including under the current US Secretary of State during his membership on the US State Departments Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC). For his service with the council he was awarded by the  the US State Department's Overseas Security Advisory Coin from the Director of Diplomatic Security and the US Secretary of State.  He is a member of the Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA) where he has contributed to white papers on national security which have been presented before congress. While at INSA he has the opportunity to work with former CIA Director John Brennan and Melissa Hathaway Pres. Obama's cyber security advisor. In addition to the above he has worked with the Mission of Saudi Arabia to the United Nations were here worked with the Advisor to the Ambassador on policy related issues.

He has worked with the worked with Walter Reed Hospital to put in place a foreclosure dispute resolution program that helped DOD Personnel facing foreclosure. In recognition of this program he was Awarded the Walter Reed Commander's Coin presented to him by Brigadier General and Assitant Surgeon General of the Army, Norvell Coots.  He was a policy advisor to former US Attorney General Janet Reno, where he advised here on several nationally related public policy issues.  He currently serves on several federal and international panels related to compliance, national security, contract and international law.  


"I created CK Talent Management to help Talent excel in whatever they want to do, we don't stand in front of our talent we put our talent out front. We nurture our talent to grow in the right way, our staff is happy being behind the scenes of our talents success. I believe that this sometimes does not happen in our industry,  most representatives want to be out in front of their talent and not in a supporting role. This draws the attention away from the talent and focuses it on the representative, CK does not operate like that! " - Craig Rogalski, Managing Partner

"Our approach is different than most agencies we believe in  being behind the scenes, creating a personal touch and  not a mass approach like other agencies. Our signed talent is not treated as one of many or cattle." "Our Team realizes that a personalized and individual approach creates the best results, through that we build a solid foundation for our signed talent's future. The best thing about CK is that our staff truly cares about our signed talent and their career development." - Craig Rogalski, Managing Partner