CK Talent Management  represents various professionals including Models, Actors, Coaches, Journalists, Social Media Personalities, Politicians and  Athletes to name a few. Our clients can be seen in films, television, magazines,  product endorsements, promotional shoots and on the field of play. Our bi-coastal team works hard to maximize our clients opportunities.

We want to work with Talent that is serious about what they do and want to expand their careers in their industry. Our clients can rest assured that they can concentrate on what they do best in their respective industries and leave the management of their careers to us. We take our job seriously and unlike other agencies we invest in our clients success.  Our agency is a talent centered agency, we believe in putting our talent first and creating a market place value for a talent that is unique to them. 


Securing Representation To Take Your Career To The Next Level

“Best Talent Agencies for Representation in 2017”

“US talent agency acquires ownership of one of Africa’s largest and premier Talent Agencies.”   

Meet the “elusive” Agent and Managing Partner behind the most exclusive Talent Agency

Behind the Closed Doors of The Most Exclusive Talent Agency in the World


“ I was extremely impressed with your  representative's ethics and your agency.”- Jon Foreman,  Host, Getting Higher, December 8, 2016, (for full quote click below)

CK Talent does not do any open calls so you will not find us in malls, trade shows,  etc. as we are not that type of agency. There are only two ways to be represented by CK Talent the first is  if of our  scout reaches out to you and second if you come across our website and fill out a Request for Representation form.  We are selective with the clients we work with and our evaluation process is very competitive.  If you are a model, actor, athlete, recording artist, etc.  fill out our Request for Representation form.  We will respond promptly guiding you through the next steps in order to be represented by CK.