Director of CK Multimedia

Dean Arney, Director of CK Multimedia                                                                                              

Dean Arney serves as Director of CK Multimedia, and has been working with various forms of performance and production for nearly twenty years. He has a passion for communicating visual stories in whatever medium he can, including audio production and screenwriting. His goal is to “show” the audience what they need to see. Dean has worked with young talent to help cultivate and refine their creativity for years. He has worked as both photographer and videographer for major entertainment outlets as well as with internationally known recording artists to produce compelling visual projects. His photographs have helped to launch campaigns as well as careers.

Musical Production

Since he was very young, Dean has been playing and performing music at various venues and with various instruments. He went on to become a semi-professional trombone player and a professional Handbell player, as well as specializing in musical arrangement/production and mastering. He has worked as producer, mix-engineer, mastering engineer, and arranger for current recording artists, understanding the new marketplace of streaming and audio delivery.

Dean is excited to bring this experience to CK Multimedia where he will be able to guide a recording artist through their process from concept all the way to live performance.

Video Production

Digital video production opened the market to a thousand new sources of content, and greatly increased the noise that a producer has to break through in order to be seen. Dean has worked with the various forms of digital video since they emerged and has a keen eye for what will make something stand out, and how to make any production look like it was done on a Hollywood budget. He brings his keen sense of framing and artistry from his photography into his work as videographer. But it doesn’t stop with camera work. Dean scripts, produces and directs productions as well, from music videos to films and series.

Podcasts & New Media

Dean began podcasting almost 4 years ago, just as the industry emerged from its infancy and began to pickup steam beyond a few Apple enthusiasts. Today he has helped produce and launch several successful shows, and continues to broadcast his own productions as well every week. He is intimately familiar with what makes a successful production work, and how to master and produce the shows for the widest possible audience. He has pioneered and perfected distance podcasting so that hosts and guests from all over the world can connect and share their stories. Additionally he has been producing content for YouTube and other streaming platforms with a variety of Talent for many years.

“CK inspired me through it’s commitment to the full lifecycle of a Talent’s brand, not focusing exclusively on one niche area, but understanding that the new economy is about being seen and successful across a spectrum. I know that my Renaissance approach to New Media will help foster and develop amazing artists through CK’s dedication and watchful eye over its family of Talent.” — Dean Arney