CK Talent Management's Health and Wellness Department has received numerous requests from our signed talent's family, friends and the general public to provide the same help, insider knowledge and benefits we give to our signed talent to them. CK understanding that everyone should have access to fitness and nutrition counseling launched CKFIT Club. Whether your new to working  out, nutrition or  want to advanced in fitness CKFIT now offers plans for all levels and financial needs. CKFIT's main mission is to bring fitness to everyone partnering it with 21st century technology and know how. No longer will you have to be alone in your fitness goals no matter what they are.

CKFIT is headed by CK Talent's Director of Health and Wellness Alexis Lott who believes that fitness should be flexible and designed for clients both inside and out. Alexis has successfully trained and counseled CK's Talent which includes Olympic, Pro and Semi Pro Athletes, Celebrities and well know models. Alexis and her team of CK Trainers know what you have to do to yield successful results. Her team has over time refined these processes in fitness and nutrition and now brings this insider knowledge to you. 

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CKFIt is a Division of CK Talent Management, Inc.