CK Talent 2019 New Years Message

We would like to wish all of our Talent, Clients and followers a very Happy New Year! This year has been a true honor to represent you our talent and work with you our clients. The true image of what we are creating as an agency is reflected by all of you! As we always say: "We do not create art our talent does!" Thank you to all our Talent that make this possible! This year also saw great growth for the agency with our acquisition of @weareckflu3nt and welcoming them to our family, to our alignment with @creative_industry_group to benefit our talent with PR services, to our agency being ranked #5 by @buzzfeed @medium @wired and #usmagazineas the Best International Talent Agencies to be Represented by list for 2018.
We even expanded our family with talent now in Denmark, Netherlands, Russia, Africa, Pakistan, India, Romania and Australia. Our talent have represented/modeled and acted in projects with some of the top brands and studios in the industry this year including @maserati @bentleymotors@porsche @armani @abercrombie@pabstblueribbon @abcnetwork @netflix@amazonstudios @rt @warnerbrosentertainment@vogueitalia @vogue @fitnessfirstger@southerncomfortuk @unistudios @sonypictures@foxtel @itv @alignmententertainment@thecw @elleusa to name a few. We look forward to opening other parts of the world and expanding the brands and studios to our talent in the coming year. To you and yours a very Happy New Year! 

Agency Info

CK Talent Management  represents various top industry professionals in modeling, sports, social media, film and tv. These professionals include Models, Actors, Coaches, Journalists, Social Media Personalities, Politicians and  Athletes to name a few. Our clients can be seen in top films, television, magazines,  product endorsements, promotional shoots and on the field of play. Our talent have appeared in major magazines, print campaigns, etc. Our international team works hard to maximize our clients opportunities.

We want to work with Talent that is serious about what they do and want to expand their careers in their industry. That is why on November 12, 2018 CK Talent became the first restrictive Talent and Management Agency. Meaning there are only three ways to be represented by CK Talent you must either be referred/nomnated by a currently signed CK Talent, one of CK’s Sr. Agent’s or recruited by the Agency directly.

Our clients can rest assured that they can concentrate on what they do best in their respective industries and leave the management of their careers to us. We take our job seriously and unlike other agencies we invest in our clients success.  Our agency is a talent centered agency, we believe in putting our talent first and creating a market place value for a talent that is unique to them. 


“ I was extremely impressed with your  representative's ethics and your agency.”- Jon Foreman,  Host, Getting Higher, December 8, 2016, (for full quote click below)


CK Talent does not do any open calls so you will not find us in malls, trade shows,  etc. as we are not that type of agency. CK Talent is a restrictive and exclusive talent representation agency. There are only three ways to be represented by CK Talent you must either be referred/nominated by a currently signed CK Talent or one of CK’s Sr. Agent’s or recruited by the Agency directly, should this is the case we welcome you to fill out the agency’s referral form.  Please note that CK Talent does not work with a Talent Scout or accept referrals from entities outsides our agency. Please note that even if you are referred by a signed CK Talent, one of CK’s Sr. Agent’s or recruited by the Agency directly our Agency’s selection process and evaluation process is very tough and competitive.  If you are a model, actor, athlete, recording artist, etc. and you have been referred by a currently signed CK Talent, one of CK’s Sr. Agent’s or recruited directly by us we welcome you to fill out the Agency’s referral form.  We will then respond promptly guiding you through the next steps in order to be represented by CK.