Actress and Celebrity Trainer Fran Williams to appear in New Film

CK Talent Management announced today that it has finalized a deal for Actress, Celebrity Trainer and Stuntwoman Fran Williams (a.k.a. Roxy Rebel) to appear in the feature film Midnight Devils.

"Midnight Devils is a cross between Evil Dead and Reservoir Dogs. Its the story of two poor girls who decide to rob a drug lord for half a million dollars. They escape to an abandoned house to hide from the drug lord and his men, but soon find out the house is cursed. Three of the drug lord’s men arrive just as the demons of the house do, and chaos ensues. All hell breaks loose and the women must work with the men in order to survive the night.



 Williams previously appeared in the well-known cult hit Blood Sombrero by Sony Pictures. Williams will reunite with Director Abel Berry (StoneBerry Productions) whom she worked with in Blood Sombrero for Midnight Devils.Williams has a large following of loyal fans from Blood Sombrero which she did not realize until she went to a Comic-Con event recently.

“ I was walking through the Comic-Con event and people were asking for my autograph and to take pictures with me it was very surreal for me, I called my Agent and told him what happened, I was in total shock.” – Fran Williams

                    Actress Fran Williams

                    Actress Fran Williams

       Actress Fran Williams in Blood Sombrero

       Actress Fran Williams in Blood Sombrero

Williams has previously appeared in the Transformers (movie) and in TV Series including Salem (WGN), Revolution (NBC), Hit Women (USA) and Dallas (TNT) (the reboot). In addition to this she is a well-known celebrity personal trainer some of her clients include several PGA and NFL athletes among them. Principle filming starts in mid to late November on location in Texas. Williams’s character has not been release by the studio for now.

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Recording Artist Patrick and Music Producer Wiegner Team Up

CK Talent Management announced today that they have finalized a deal for Recording Artist John Patrick to begin work with Celebrity Music Producer Bruce Wiegner.

            Recording Artist John Patrick

            Recording Artist John Patrick

            Music Producer Bruce Wiegner

            Music Producer Bruce Wiegner

The deal between Patrick and Wiegner was negotiated by, Craig Rogalski (Patrick’s Agent) (CK Talent Management) and Jason Yang and Brian Teefey (Wiegner’s Agents) (LH7 Management). LH7 Management is owned by singer Selena Gomez’s Stepfather Brian Teefey and her Mother Mandy Teefey. Patrick and Wiegner will combine their talents to work on a song that is yet to be released.  

Patrick’s current hit song Shadow has been released nationwide and can be heard in the movie Something Like Summer, which happens to be the movies theme song. Patrick worked with Hunter Arnold on the movies rendition of the song. Arnold is well-known Broadway Music Producer whose credits includes the music production of the Broadway hit Kinky Boots, Spring Awakening, Dear Evan Hansen and the yet to be released M. Butterfly. Recently the San Diego Film Festival awarded the movie’s soundtrack with best soundtrack during the festival.  



Weigner is a well-known music producer whose recent worked with recording artist Gabbie Hanna on her smash hit Out Loud and recording artist Dua Lipa who is currently No. 1 on Billboards Emerging Artists Chart. Wiegner is also a member of the pop group Weekend Riot whose songs include Remember this Night and 25 Minutes.

For all inquiries regarding Wiegner please contact:

For all inquiries regarding Patrick please contact:



Former NFL Player Corey Knox to appear in the Brian Banks Story

CK Talent Management announced today that former NFL Football and Rugby Player Corey Knox will appear in the Brian Banks Movie. Knox is a former NFL player with the Buffalo Bills and recently played with Queensbury ARLFC a Rugby Team in the UK.


Brian Banks movie centers on the titular high-school football player who was committed to USC by his junior year. His life was upended in 2002 when falsely accused of rape. Despite maintaining his innocence, he was railroaded through the system and sentenced to a decade of prison and parole. With the help of the California Innocence Project, his conviction was overturned in 2012 and he achieved his NFL dream with the Atlanta Falcons’ pre-season squad in 2013.

The movie will be Directed by Tom Shadyac, the project is Shadyac's first directorial project since Bruce Almighty and Evan Almighty, released in 2003 and 2007, respectively. Greg Kinnear (Little Miss Sunshine and As Good As it Gets) will play Justin Brooks, Banks Attorney with the Innocence Project and Aldis Hodge has already signed on to play Brian Banks (Straight Outta Compton and Hidden Figures).



Knox will be part of a group of select group of former and current NFL Players that will make up the football players that Banks plays with during the film. Knox will work on this film to provide realistic plays similar to the games that Banks played in during the years the film is supposed to take place. Principle filming takes place in Mid-October.

Knox is represented by CK Talent Management, Inc.

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CK Talent Management announced today that actor Jake Parrish will take part in a limited Portrait Series with nationally known artist Bryan Sanders.

Parrish is a well-known Hollywood Actor he has worked with Daniel Baldwin (Two Faced) and Sophie Turner (Huntsville/Game of Thrones). Parrish just recently finished his appearance in the feature film Suburbicon, which was directed by George Clooney.  Parrish has been in some of America’s most favorite shows including Desperate Housewives, Greys Anatomy, General Hospital, My Crazy Ex and the Ellen Show.  Parrish has also done several modeling campaigns including Nike, Guess, Four Front Clothing and ARKA.

jake parrish shot.png

“This project comes as no surprise to me, Jake has had his likeness used once before when he was asked by Microsoft to put his likeness on an XBOX cover for their Kinect Sports. However pairing with a real artist will take it to the next level for Jake and I look forward to seeing the finished piece.” – Craig Rogalski, Managing Partner, CK Talent Management, Inc.

bryan sanders pic.jpg

Nationally known Artist Bryan Sanders always loved creating art. Whether it was painting images of people, sculpting clay elephants, or building boats out of scrap lumber from job sites in the neighborhood, anything he touched turned into a completely different object than the one he started with. Early on, these talents were recognized and he was asked to produce work for the art museum in his hometown before his tenth birthday. It was no surprise when he won the Art and Creativity Award from his high school.

He went on to study and work with many artists in the area while he was attending university to get his degree in Fine Arts. His goal was to study the techniques of many of the famous painters in history as well as some of his famous artists. Along the way, he made his living helping people design amazing interiors for their homes that focus on adding objet d’art in new ways. He was featured in local newspapers and magazines for his designs for his clients and the beautifully tasteful home he shared with his partner.

“The Silly Selfie Project” has led to two art shows in Sanders hometown of Springfield, Missouri. Although he was featured in shows while at the university, none of them were on this scale. In September, Gailey’s Café/Gallery will host first display of“The Silly Selfie Project.” This show will showcase the first of the paintings and some of Bryan’s other larger pieces. Then in December his show will showcase all the “Silly Selfies”. After this they will be featured at the Springfield Art Museum.

“Bryan has chosen to use his artistic talents to find the fun in each person’s unique physical characteristics. We realized that the response has been overwhelming in the art world to this project. Bryan is the type of Artist that likes bringing Joy and Happiness to people lives and this shows in his art. We are honored that he has asked Jake to be part of this collection.” – Craig Rogalski , Managing Partner, CK Talent Management, Inc.




CK Talent Signs Sought After Hollywood Actor Jake Parrish

CK Talent Management, Inc. announced today that it has sought after actor Jake Parrish. Jake is an accomplished actor appearing in Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, General Hospital, ICarley, My Crazy Ex to name a few. Jake has also appeared on The Ellen Show on NBC as well.

Jake most recently appeared in a supporting role to actor Daniel Baldwin in the movie Two Faced (2017) and in   Huntsville (2017) were he had the opportunity to work with Sophie Turner from Game of Thrones Jake’s most recent project was working with George Clooney on his move called Suburbicon which stars Julianne Moore and Matt Damon.

“ I recently finished filming Suburbicon with George Clooney, he’s a great guy very friendly and personable. I was glad that I had the opportunity to be directed by him in several scenes of the movie, something that I will cherish for a long time.” – Jake Parrish

Jake is not only a well-known actor, but an International model as well having been featured in campaigns for Nike, Guess and Microsoft.


Jake currently resides in Los Angeles with his partner model and social media personality Matt who is also signed with CK Talent Management, Inc.

“ I was signed with two popular Hollywood Agencies and I did not see my career advancing with them, I saw over the years how my partner Matt’s Agent was working with him and decided to finally reach out to his Agent asking how I could join the Agency.”

“His Agent said I would need to go through their regular selection process, he added just because my partner was with the agency it did not guarantee me a slot with them. I am excited that they offered me a slot after going through their intense selection process. Having been represented by other Hollywood Agencies over my career it is refreshing to join an agency that puts the talent first and cares about their talents careers.” – Jake Parrish

“We are happy to represent such an accomplished actor as Jake is. Jake has worked with some of Hollywood’s most well-known actors and directors and we are honored to have him with us.” – Craig Rogalski, Managing Partner CK Talent Management, Inc.


CK Talent Management announced today that Actress, Blogger and Model, Emily Warburton-Adams will be attending the North American Premier of the movie Baywatch starring Zac Efron and The Rock Dwayne Johnson.

Warburton-Adams has mad a career for herself as a correspondent for several media outlets including Lifetime Network UK were she was the networks official correspondent for Britain’s Next Top Model and Flick Direct where she has already interviewed the stars of the Space Between US and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.

Prior to the North American Premier, she will conduct a sit down interviews with stars of the movie including: Zac Efron, Alexandra Daddario, Ilfenesh Hadera, Kelly Rohrbach, Jon Bass and Priyanka Chopra.

Warburton-Adams will attend the North American Premier red carpet as a credentialed correspondent for media outlet Flick Direct, where she will have the opportunity to interview The Rock live on the red carpet. In addition to the above, she will attend the North American Premier’s invite only cocktail partyhosted by Paramount Pictures with the stars and other industry people.

Baywatch will be in theaters on May 25, 2017.

Warburton-Adams lands Exclusive Interview with Jeppsen


 CK Talent Management, announced today that actress and celebrity correspondent Emily Warburton-Adams will sit down with Henrick Jeppsen for an exclusive interview.  The interview will be published on Warburton-Adams YouTube channel.


In 2006, Jeppsen, began his journey out into the world. Ten years later, he has visited every country on earth. As CNN wrote, he did it on a shoestring budget. A lot of challenges, experiences and stories which you can read about on his website.

Jeppsen Pictured here with the Lybian Prime Minister

Jeppsen Pictured here with the Lybian Prime Minister

His trip took 3,000 plus days of travel and was sponsored by over 100 airlines, hosted by over 1,000 hotels and he hitchhiked over 1,000 times. In addition to this he took over 900 flights and had over 10 passports filled with visas and stamps of entry. 

He has been seen on BBC, Fox, CNN and various other media outlets.

The interview is set to take place later in April at the beautiful Villa Crespi Chateaux in Italy.

Pictures of the Villa Crespi Chateaux:


About Villa Crespis:

Villa Crespis owned by Cristoforo Benigno Crespi, a pioneer of the Italian cotton industry, while travelling on business in the Middle East was bewitched by Baghdad and its charms and in 1879 finished his own magnificent Moorish villa surrounded by a park that sloped down to the lake.  The Chateaux took over 30 years to complete.

Originally the villa was called Villa Pia, as Mr Crespi dedicated it to his wife, Pia Crespi. The construction work was entrusted to the architect Angelo Colla to whom Benigno Crespi leftcarte blanche,  allowing him to express the very best of himself and his passion for decorative detail while highlighting the middle eastern character Crespi desired.

Over the course of time, a series of owners have held Villa Crespi, and when the Marquis Fracassi of Torre Rossano acquired it inthe 1930's, it became an exclusive place for visits by poets, nobles and kings, well-known all over Northern Europe.



Former NFL Player Knox placed on roster of UK Rugby Team

CK Talent Management, announced today that former NFL Player Corey Knox has been placed on the roster for the Queensbury Rugby ARLFC League in the United Kingdom.

The Queensbury Rugby League Club is based in Bradford/Halifax, West Yorkshire, England. Knox will leave the US later today to travel to the UK to join the team and start practice with them as soon as possible. The players play the game at the Queensbury club in hopes to either progress on to a professional team.

“Our aim as a club would be to help Corey improve his individual skill level and understanding of the game. The ultimate goal would be for him to move up to a Pro Team. here in the UK.” - Liam Ruff, Queensbury ARLFC Chairman 

“ Corey joining a Semi-Pro team is the best route for him to take toward a professional career as a professional rugby player, which he has worked hard at which lead him in making the final group for the Toronto Wolf-Pack Pro Rugby team.” – Craig Rogalski, Knox’s Agent, CK Talent Management, Inc.

Warburton-Adams joins Microsoft for Women's Network Series

CK Talent Management, announced today that actress, model and health and wellness blogger Emily Warburton-Adams has been asked by Microsoft London to participate in their new Women’s Wellbeing Network Events.

The series of events are designed to inspire more women to join Microsoft through wellbeing and fitness related activities.  Emily will be joined by well-known organizations, athletes and celebrities including; GB Olympian Crista Cullens, GB Women’s  Olympic Hockey Team, Clare McDonnell, Award winning TV and Radio Presenter, Nikki Skipper, National Director at Right to Play and Theresa McHenry, HR Director for Microsoft UK for the event series.  The event is open to all, to learn more about the event please click here.

Jared Fetterolf accpeted to prestigious Spartathalon Race

CK Talent Management, announced today that athlete, model and actor Jared Fetterolf has been accepted into the prestigious Spartathlon.  The race is a 150-mile run that stretches between Athens to Sparta in Greece.  This is a very difficult race, as you must run 150 miles in less than 36 hours.

         Jared Fetterolf Ultrarunner

         Jared Fetterolf Ultrarunner

        Jared training for race day

        Jared training for race day

The race has a long history and was created by John Foden a British RAF Wing Commander. As a lover of Greece and a student of ancient Greek history, Foden stopped his reading of Herodotus’ narration regarding Pheidippides, puzzled and wondering if a modern man could cover the distance fro Athens to Sparta, i.e. 250 kms (150 miles), within 36 hours. Fetterolf will find this out in September of this year.

To be eligible to be entered in the Spartathlon racers must meet the strict guidelines of the International Spartathlon Association (ISA). There are currently over 178 racers on the waitlist.

“We are excited that Jared has been accepted into such a prestigious race, his hard work and dedication as the top Ultrarunner in world is being recognized by several well-known organization in the competitive Ultraracing sport. The Spartathlon has a long history that got it’s original premise from ancient Greece and we are honored that Jared will now be part of this history.” – Craig Rogalski, CK Talent Management’s Managing Partner

Head over to the race site here.

For a complete list of the racers click here.

CK's Managing Partner Appears on Radio Show

CK's Managing Partner was on the radio show Getting Higher this past week on FCC Free Radio, we have attached the recording of the full show below for your listening pleasure.

Here's the original announcement by the show:

On tonight's edition of Getting Higher Radio, we welcome the "elusive" Managing Partner of CK Talent Management, Craig Rogalski! You will not want to miss his incredible story that includes writing the NCAA handbook, serving the State of Florida as a State Representative for the amusement industry and starting one of the most successful talent agencies in the country, among many other things. He represents international actor and model Nicholas Gruber  (ex-boyfriend of Calvin Klein) and Emily Warburton-Adams from Below Deck Fame.

Listen to the full show here.

Warburton-Adams becomes the Official Rep for NG by Noelia

CK Talent Management, announced today that actress, model and social media blogger Emily Warburton-Adams has inked a deal to be the official brand representative for NG by Noelia.


NG by Noelia is a trendy BOHO inspired jewelry line. Each piece is handmade by the creator herself. The jewelry is made with wood findings, volcano, cultured pearls and other semi-precious stones that help accentuate Noelia’s creativeness.  This, along with her life experiences is the inspiration behind her jewelry.

Noelia Maula, is a Miami Beach native, who began making bracelets for herself and discover that this art provided positive spiritual benefits. What started as a hobby quickly sparked an interest in this whimsical jewelry line.

NG by Noelia’s unique design styles and quality of the jewelry caught the attention of the Kardashian sisters whom felt so strongly about the brand that it was placed it in their Dash stores owned by them.

“Our brand is already well respected by Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian and will now be represented by Emily whom I feel embodies the best in what our brand has to offer our clients.” – Noelia Maula, President of NG by Noelia

"Emily is honored to work with such a distinguished and recognizable brand, these customized pieces are exquisite. Noelia takes such care in the design of each customized piece." - Craig Rogalski, Warburton-Adams Agent


Emily Warburton-Adams is represented by CK Talent Management, Inc. any inquiries please contact:

NG by Noelia

US MAG Interviews CK's Managing Partner

CK Talent Management, announced today that an interview with its Managing Partner will appear in US Mag. CK's Managing Partner, who does not grant many interviews says he choose US Mag based on their past positive coverage of CK 's Talent.

A brief glimpse of the article here: 

You may not have heard about them or even read about CK Talent Management, other than what you can read about them on their website. However, industry insiders and talent will tell you it’s the most exclusive ticket in Hollywood to get represented by them. US MAG was given an exclusive interview with its managing partner who prefers to stay out of the limelight many of his clients seek.

Read the full article here.


CK Talent Management, announced today that the Board of Advisors for Fashion Week Los Angeles (FWLA) has appointed actress, model and fashion blogger Emily Warburton-Adams the FWLA Screening Committee.

The Board of Advisors for FWLA recognizes that Warburton-Adams has her pulse on fashion and believes that she will make a valuable addition to the committee that elects emerging designers to show during Fashion Week in Los Angeles.

“Warburton-Adams has a record of discovering talented designers and maintaining great relationships with established apparel brands. She has displayed a discerning eye for style and is the quintessential fashion-forward celebrity that is representative of influencers that have excellent engagement with their fan base. Emily is extremely well spoken and brings that British charm we are drawn to in LA,” said Gio Ferrigno, Executive Producer, Fashion Week LA

“I am honored to be working with such a prestigious organization and for the great opportunity, the Board entrusted me with. I am looking forward to working with emerging designers during Fashion Week and having an impact on the global fashion industry as I engage with leaders about policies, domestic production, and sustainability,” said Warburton-Adams

FWLA will take place March 10th -15th, 2017, in the Art and Fashion Districts of Los Angeles, CA.

For press inquiries regarding Fashion Week, email:

Warburton-Adams is represented by CK Talent Management, Inc. For business inquiries, contact:

Warburton-Adams to attend Britain's  Next Top Model launch

 CK Talent Management, announced today that Emily Warburton-Adams will attend the Launch Party of this year’s season of Britain’s Next Top Model in London.

Emily was personally invited and will attend the Launch Party on 16, March 2017 where she will join Abbey Clancy, male super model Paul Sculfor, fashion guru Hilary Alexander OBE and celebrity photographer Nick Johnston to mark the return of the catwalk to our screens.

As ever, 12 hopeful models will strut their stuff and meet experts and celebrities from the world of fashion and entertainment in an attempt to avoid being the model kicked off each week.

Chloe Keenan, who beat out fellow contestants Angel Cole and Jessica Workman, won the last season of Britain’s Next Top Model.

Britain’s Next Top Model kicks off on March 16 with a feature-length 90-minute episode at 9 pm on Lifetime in the U.K.