New from Fetterolf Las Vegas Training Camp, "Enroute to Death Valley's Badwater"

CK Talents Ultrarunner Jared Fetterolf training camp is going great. Jared is working hard in training for the up coming Badwater Death Valley. Jared has the added complexity this camp in training with the new Recon Jet sunglasses by Intel. Jared is learning to integrate the technology into his training and performance. On a call with the team at CK Jared said that the new tech is improving his performance. The integration of tech is not a new thought process for runners and has been recognized by such companies as fit bit, apple iwatch etc. but those are also made for non-athletic training activities as well. The recon Jet is specific for those training and working out who want to be at their top performance levels. Here are some pics of Jared training with the Recon Jets by intel. We are so proud to welcome them to Team Fed!