Artist Brendan John announces professional name change

Brendan John is a professional recording artist signed with CK Talent Management, Inc. He is known for such hits as Haunted and Mine on ITunes and Google Music. In working in this industry CK Talent realizes that artists embark on a path of self-discovery in their own time frame and on their own terms. Brendan has done this and as he moves forward we celebrate and support his choice to now be known as John Patrick. Checkout his video to his fans here.

“In working as a recording artist I realized I was on a path of self-discovery. During this process of self-discovery I began to learn more about myself, though this process was hard at times, I still moved forward. In looking inward I started to think about who I wanted to be and the artist I wanted to become. With the support of my family, friends and Agent I embarked on a journey to establish my core beliefs as an artist. The culmination of this journey was developing an Identity and professional name that I want others to know means something to me.”  - John Patrick.