CK signs model James Gregory

Meet James he is one of CK Talents new models, we at CK look for talent that is truly unique in their careers. CK talent is not an agency that just looks for the next pretty face but an agency that looks for depth in our talent. James encompasses all of these qualifications and more. The first thing you will notice about James is that his middle name is Darwin in relation to the English naturalist and geologist.  Even though James is very handsome he has the brains to match, he is currently in school to become a multi-engine commercial pilot an obsession that started at age 15 after taking his first flight lesson. In addition to the above, he is also in the process of becoming a certified air traffic controller for the FAA.

When not studying his aviation books and being in the simulator, bodybuilding now consumes James’s life he wants to compete in men’s physique/body building and pursue a career in modeling as well.  James struggled with body image through middle school to his first year in High School. In struggling with body image James became anorexic and dropped his weight to 90 pounds. His life changed when he met a personal trainer named Chris. Chris inspired James to change his life around and introduced him to body building. James became obsessed with this new passion with Chris’s help James increased his weight and muscle mass to 160 pounds and 8% body fat.  Thereby bringing James out  of anorexia and his body image issues and  now James inspires his peers to get involved in fitness.

James now centers daily life on a healthy lifestyle of meal prepping and spending 6 days a week at the gym working out.  James strives to excel in what he does whether in the clouds or in the gym. James is a true inspiration to other and us here a CK Talent Management.