CK's Managing Partner appointed to US Institute for the Environment

The Udall Foundation announced this week that CK's Managing Partner has been appointed to the conflict resolution panel for the United State Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution which is chaired by the US Secretary of the Interior and is a government agency. The US Institute deals with environmental and tribal conflicts within the United States. 

"It is an honor to be appointed and I look forward to serve and help the environment and our national parks." - Craig Rogalski, Managing Partner CK Talent Management

Mr. Rogalski will continue his membership with the Renaissance Institute which is a think tank that works on solving the world problem through non-political means, membership to the institute is by invitation only. He received his invitation in 2005 from the Institutes chair former US Ambassador to the UK Phillip Lader. It's members includes but not limited to former Prime Ministers, US Presidents and Nobel Prize Winners.