CK Talent launches Fitness and Nutrition club

CK Talent Management’s Health and Wellness Department receives numerous requests from our signed talent’s family friends and the general public inquiring about our health and wellness program that we provide to our signed talent. They ask where they can receive the same help, insider knowledge and benefits CK provides to our talent. CK understand that everyone should have access to fitness and nutrition counseling has launched CKFIT Club.

CKFIT Club membership is open to the general public and works with its members to achieve their individualized goals. Our nutritionists and personal trainers now provide the same knowledge that they give to our talent and their celebrity clients to CKFIT Club’s members.  Feel free to visit CKFIT Clubs page to learn more. Should you wish to inquire about membership or more specific services CKFIT Club offers feel free to click here to contact CKFIT Club directly or email CKFIT Clubs Director of Club Services directly.