Ultrarunner training in Cancun for Salton Sea

On May 2 CK's Ultrarunner Jared Fettrolf will take part in the Salton Sea Ultra Marathon.

Jared's CK Talent Agent released the following statement - "Jared is training hard in Cancun for this race. The facility that we sent him to is a state of the art training facility and the heat this time of year in the caribbean is the best place for Jared to run in, in preparation for the Salton Sea. Jared is very focused as he has back to back races with little down time Salton Sea in California and the Hardcore 100 in Philippines. This is going to really try Jared's endurance as he will have only 24 hrs of rest before he picks up and heads to the Philippines. Jared is grateful to his sponsor Zensah and his team of coaches, nutritionists here at CK Talent for getting him this far and standing by him." 

The Badwater Slaton Sea route covers 81 miles of Salton City (elevation 234 feet/71m below sea level) to Palomar Mountain, the tallest mountain in San Diego County (finish line elevationL 5500 feet above sea level.) There is a total elevation gain over 9000 feet. Eight of the 81 race miles pass through Anza-Borrego State Park on a single track trail know as the California Riding and Hiking Trail from near Borrego Springs to Ranchita, creating a race route which is a mix of road and trail. #zensah

Watch a video of Jared Training in his Zensah Shirt at the Cancun training center here: