CK Announces Partnership with

CK Talent Management, announced today a partnership between and CK Talent Management, Inc. CK Talent Management's Managing Partner is a Board Member and Vice President of Studio Relations for The partnership will allow CK Talent Management to post video interviews by's reporters, make industry announcements between the companies and partner on large projects. The partnership will also allow to tap into CK Talent Management's talent pool, staffers of former studio executives, agents and extensive studio relationships to expands both companies hold in the entertainment industry.  We hope this will maximize the exposure for the two companies and allow CK Talent Management, Inc. to promote's business and vice versa. 

Click on the below link and see's introduction video of the Hollywood Stars stepping up for new youtube channel. Then check out the channel to see our interviews with different stars.

CK's Managing Partner is a member of the Board of Director's and is a major shareholder in He serves as's Vice President of Studio Relations for the company.