CK's Managing Partner makes an impact in the Entertainment Industry

CK's Managing Partner works with the Producers and Directors of the movie JackHammer staring Jamie Kennedy and Pamela Anderson.

Through his position on the Board of Directors for he will work with the producers to promote and distribute the movie around the country and world.

CK's Managing Partner is on the Board of Directors for and oversees the companies legal department, studio relations, actor interviews and movie reviews. He is responsible for bringing the recognition of's app that has been ranked by GQ Magazine as one of the top 5 entertainment apps in the world.

FlickDirect INC (FLICKDIRECT) is a privately held company, is one of the online leaders in social entertainment. Delivering breaking industry news, theatrical/home entertainment reviews and television reviews, and entertainment application development FLICKDIRECT drives the pulse of the entertainment landscape. FLICKDIRECT is strategically partnered with various studios to provide content exclusive to its visitors. FLICKDIRECT's holdings also include, a film industry URL shortener, movie clock™, a countdown clock for iOS, and Buzango, a film social network. FickDirect’s app has been rated in the top 10 of all movies app by GQ magazine and various other magazines.