Actors Vrabel, Owen and Gruber receive a Two-Picture deal

CK Talent Management, announced today that it has completed contracts for three of its actors Chris Owen, Nick Gruber and Michael Vrabel.

Owen, Vrabel and Gruber each have been signed to a two-picture deal with Blue Seraph Productions, Inc. Their Agent Craig Rogalski who represents all three negotiated the three-actor individual contract deal. The deal includes lead/featured or secondary/featured speaking roles in a future movie for each. The deal includes sharing for each actor in merchandising, theater ticket revenue, sales to streaming services and Blu Ray sales of the movie they appear in.  Blue Seraph Productions will decide on what movies and roles the three actors will be offered in working in conjunction with their Agent.

“Blue Seraph recognizes the talent of these three actors who are on the rise and wanted to lock them in for future work on the studio's motion pictures.”  - Craig Rogalski, Managing Partner of CK Talent Management, Inc.

Blue Seraph Productions is a production company committed to strong progressive values that shed light on the human experience. Blue Seraph Productions produces movies that tell stories built on the universal principles that make us human. Several ofBlue Seraph Production’s movies have been feature in film festivals and been sold to Netflix and various other streaming companies.

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