Former NFL Player invited to UK for Pre-Season training

CK Talent Management, announced today that former NFL Player, Corey Knox has been invited to attend pre-season training for the Toronto Wolf Pack Rugby Team.

Knox has been invited to attend the pre-season training camp in Brighouse in Northern England. The Final cut will be filmed as part of a reality TV covering the team members as they vie to make the final team. Adam Fogerty a Rugby legend will host the show. The Director of Coaching is Brian Noble who is an RFL Legend and one of the few in history to place, captain and coach Great Britain.

Knox will travel to the UK to take part in the pre-season training which will take place at a camp in Brighouse the property includes bunk houses, a challenge course where Knox will be put through the course to test his skills. Knox will then have the opportunity to place with his team mates at a match against Brighouse who is a top tier amateur team. 

"We are happy for Corey, this is the product of a lot of hard work and dedication on Corey's part. Corey has a drive and dedication that we have not seen in many athletes." - Craig Rogalski, Managing Partner of CK Talent Management, Inc.

"I am honored to have the opportunity to attend pre-season training in the UK with the Toronto's Wolf Pack Rugby Team. I would like to thank the coaches, trainers, fellow team mates and production team for giving me this opportunity.   I would also like to thank my team at CK as well for all their help and dedication in supporting me through this process."  - Corey Knox