Chris Owen to star in the horror movie Demons Vale

\CK Talent Management, announced today that actor Chris Owen, will be starring in the film Demon's Vale.

The independent film has launching an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the project, which is being written and produced by the director, Zeb Eckles, and a small team of other artists. Thrown together by chance, a nun and a cowboy must work together to overcome an unknown evil and their personal demons, in the lawless backcountry of the American frontier. Owen initially auditioned for the leading male role. While the production staff enjoyed audition, they thought he would be a perfect fit for the highly demanding role of Father Eric. 

Father Eric is a young man, just starting out in his life wearing the collar of a priest. While devout in his beliefs doubt in himself and his personal hunger make him an easy target for corruption. When he finds himself in a place full of evil spirits, it does not take long for one to latch itself onto him.

The role Chris Owen takes in the film is essentially two characters with the same face: the youthful pride of the priest, as well as the ancient malice of the demon he succumbs to. The struggle that plays out as the demon attempts to lock the man away inside his mind is harrowing. With diverse roles on stage and in films, Chris has the presence to embody both aspects of the role. Recently signing with CK Talent Management, he is quickly becoming an actor to watch.  Owens previous movie Wheels on the Bus is in currently in post production, you can learn more about it here.

Owen discovered his passion for acting after being inspired by the performance of Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society. He completely shifted focus from athletics to acting and the arts and has been working as an actor for the past 6 years.

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Chris Owen is a professional stage and screen actor from Kansas City, who has professional credits in both New York and Los Angeles. He can currently be seen in Songs of the Great War at Musical Theatre Heritage in Kansas City and will be playing a principal role in the indie horror film Demon’s Vale being filmed at the end of this year. Chris signed with CK Talent Management in September 2016. Previous acting work includes indie Feature Film, Wheels on the Bus (Los Angeles), Chicago,The Addams, Family, and Hairspray at the New Theatre Restaurant. 

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