CK Announces new meal plans for its signed Talent

CK’s in-house nutritionist announced today that she will be providing a  new  meal program exclusively for CK's signed Talent.  

"This program will provided the  added help for  signed talent to keep meeting their nutrition goals. "- Ms. Lott - CK's Nutritionist

CK’ s Nutritionist and her staff will administer the  meal program. CK's in-house nutritionist and staff will prepare meals for our signed talent and ship them the meals anywhere they are, whether on site at a photo shoot or at a filming location etc.

"We will do all the food shopping as it relates to the program and prepare the food for our signed talent in ready to eat easily heated up meals. We will take all the thought out of it for our talent so they can focus on more important things. " - Ms. Lott - CK's Nutritionist

The meals are customized to each of our talents fitness and nutrition goals.  The program will provide a weekly full meal for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner as well as in between snacks which will be custom made by our Nutritionist and her staff for our signed Talent.